It’s follow forever time! I reached my next hundred tonight so I decided to finally do one of these. uwu

I won’t babble a lot now, only give you a quick explanation of what the formatting means:

normal: You’re a lovely bae.
italicized: You’re my tumblr senpai/I admire you a lot/I can’t believe you follow me.
bold: We have talked and/or roleplayed a lot before/you have a special spot in my heart. (in this case, hover over the little [x] for a tiny personal message)


| 50-shades-of-armin-arlert | adnixus | amoureuxjean [x] | armin-the-prince-charmin | ask-another-set-of-wings [x] | ask-irl-fem-freckles | ask-irlmamamarco | ask-my-marco | ask-yuuzan | askjeanthecollegekid [x] | askladarmin | askswagarmin | asterxsmos | actual-marlo | bluntkirstein | brausthenervouswolf | cadetblack | charismatic-commander | chasingdownmyowndream | chevaljean [x] | chibierensbumbum | cameinsixth | colossal-regret | cptrivaille-levi |


| deerstein | determinederen | ehreundpflicht | erwinsmithly | erwinthedanchou | freckledgod | femalecommander | fortitudxinxus | freckled-sunshine | freckledandholy | freckleddorkmarco | freckledstyle-horseface [x] | gignere | grey-eyes-red-scarf | halfofffreckledpizza | hanji—no | hereticaltactician | heyitsmarcobodt [x] | humanitysmostcunning |


| insatiablehopeforhumanity | jean-kirchstein-shsl-profiler | jean-valkirstein [x] | jeanmarc0 | jeanmarcohhh | jeannikitakirschtein [x] | jeansbutton | jeansmom | jeanyboy-kirschtein | kirschteins-ass | kostenlostitans | m4rc0807 | makingithale | materialistichedonism | modernmikasa | mommylevi | nerdsquadplus1 | notgotahorseface | notquiteblessed [x] |


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Thank you all for making my time on tumblr as awesome as it is! 

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    Oh my god I think i’m going to cry ;-; I’ve never been on a follower forever… and the message ;-;
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    [ *cries and clings to you* Oh my gosh, thank you so much!! It means so much to be on here, but to be italicized,...
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    *scrolly-scrolly-scrolly* *sees a follow forever* I’ll read through. Doubt I’ll see my name on there. *sees my URL*...
  6. m4rc0807 said: //Omg thank you so much ;w; You’re one of my favorites to see on my dash and tbh I wanna rp with you but I’m really shy about it and dunno how to start it because its a different muse of the same character xD
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    SCREAMS I’m on this I’m so happy thank you???? LOVELY BAE YOU’RE WONDERFUL I LOVE YOU
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    // Huh?! What am I doing here, oh my dear?! Thank you so much, precious! ;_________________;
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    Special place?! -doki doki- u//w//u I feel honored!
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  27. jeannikitakirschtein said: awwwww, thank you so much sweetie <3 I love you too and you are one of the best RPers around, your Marco is just spectacular <333